Marpole Preschool is situated in one of the many community centres in Vancouver and reflects the demography of the Marpole community with diverse cultural backgrounds and many different languages. It is licensed for 20 children from 3-4 years old. Reggio inspired practises were initiated by Michelle de Salaberry and Linda Murdoch, who still remain mentors to the centre. The current staff, Natsuko Motegi and Gabi Kirton, are committed to continuing their legacy by observing children’s experiences, reflecting, responding with intention, questions, and documenting their exploration process. Documentation is displayed on the hallway bulletin boards making children’s learning visible to their families and the community.

Our preschool space reflects an image of a child who is curious, competent, collaborative, and a critical thinker with space for children to work both socially and individually, according to their interests. We strive to provide “one hundred languages” for children to investigate their wonderings and to communicate their ideas not only in words but also with various materials and methods.

At Marpole Preschool, we believe that the best learning environment for children is one that supports social connections and the opportunity to co-construct their knowledge around common interests. Children’s unique abilities and ways of learning are fostered through a thoughtful and nurturing environment.

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$25 per participant
Professional Development Certificate for 2 hours will be available

Wednesday February 28, 2018
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Marpole Community Centre