Featuring Will Parnell from Portland State University and Helen Gordon Children’s Centre

How can we reconsider fish-life in the Pacific waterways as a way to engage reuse ecology and rethink material consumption?

We will explore a research project carried out in Portland, Oregon with Reggio-Inspired educators and share how these educators-as-researchers re-create their own meaning of shiny objects and dedicate these lost and found materials to the fish in our waters. We will look into the questions of imminent environmental collapse (Is it inevitable and what can we do now?). Then, we will investigate hope for our future by reconceptualizing our childhood practices together in a hands-on creative reuse atelier/workshop. Stretching the Inventing Remida Portland project hands toward you – our Canadian family – offers us innovations to “foster intelligent moderation of earthly resources” in all of our early childhood communities.

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$20 per participant
Professional Development Certificate for 2 hours will be available

Thursday February 18, 2016
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Jewish Community Centre, Wosk Auditorium