Depending on the context, and how they are treated, young children can appear big or small – to adults and to themselves. In classrooms where children are seen as citizens – they are given the opportunity to explore creative ideas for discovery and play, generate theories of how the world works, and develop insights into the feelings of others – they appear big. This workshop with Mara Krechevsky draws on the work of the Making Learning Visible (MLV) Project, a collaboration among Project Zero researchers at Harvard University, teachers in the U.S., and educators from the Reggio Emilia, Italy, preschools. MLV focuses on documenting and supporting individual and group learning. Participants will explore how to create powerful learning environments that engage children in and across classrooms and schools, not as future or hypothetical, but current and active, citizens capable of contributing to their communities in powerful ways.

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$135 per participant
Professional Development Certificate for 6 hours will be available

Friday October 20, 2017
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Jewish Community Centre

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