Jordan and Leslie will provide a framework developed over the last several years of their Reggio-inspired project work at Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu, Hawai’i. They will share a year long in-depth project exploring the idea of “fantastical” which epitomizes the multiple layers of learning, demonstrating, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

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$20 per participant
Professional Development Certificate for 2 hours will be available

Tuesday July 19, 2016
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Jewish Community Centre

About Jordan Guillory

Jordan received an interdisciplinary Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at San Francisco Arts Education Project where she facilitated learning in multimedia, film, and photography.

Now a resident of Hawai’i, Jordan has been with Mid-Pacific Institute’s Reggio-inspired preschool since its inception eleven years ago. She facilitates work in the preschool and kindergarten atelier that focuses on the Hundred Languages of Children through media. Jordan has co-presented with Leslie on projects and processes in her role as atelierista throughout Hawai’i and at Schools of the Future conferences. She was also the first presenter in a series of studio workshops for the Innovative Teacher Project in San Francisco. During her time at Mid-Pacific, the children have shown their work and processes at Honolulu Hale, the Mayor’s office, Kahala, and in Chinatown’s First Friday.

In 2011, Jordan participated in the professional development initiative “International Encounters with the Culture of the Atelier” in Ligonchio, Italy. In 2013/14, Mid-Pacific had the honour of hosting the Wonder of Learning exhibit from Reggio Emilia and the NAREA summer conference. Jordan helped to conceive the work of the outdoor ateliers, concepts, and materials for the 2014 NAREA Sumer conference. She also facilitated the involvement of atelieristas for this experience and one of the outdoor ateliers. Jordan and Leslie’s reflections were published in the 2014 Summer Innovations journal. Jordan and Leslie continue to offer professional development workshops for teachers in Hawai’i.

Jordan has worked with children in the arts for 16 years. In her free time she pursues her passions of photography and painting.

About Leslie Gleim

Leslie began her Reggio-inspired journey over 22 years ago while working with children with special rights in an integrated setting in Ohio. It was during her time in Ohio that she began to develop her understanding of Reggio-inspired work. In Ohio she began her work with Dr. George E. Forman through his on-line classes, his work with the Ohio study groups, and later with his company Videatives. Leslie has published several articles. She has also presented at the NAREA annual conference in Calgary, Alberta, and at numerous national NAEYC conferences.

At Mid-Pacific, Leslie works in the role of pedagogista, concentrating on developing projects, the professional development team, and working with the parents and children as well. She works closely with Dr. George Forman who has been consulting with the Mid-Pacific preschool since 2007. In Hawaii, Leslie continues to present on the project work and processes of Reggio-inspired work.

In 1999 Leslie took part in a study tour to Reggio Emilia and In 2011 participated in the professional development initiative “International Encounters with the Culture of Atelier” in Ligonchio, Italy.

Leslie worked on bringing the Wonder of Learning exhibit and the NAREA summer conference to Honolulu, Hawai’i in 2013. She recently co-authored “Seeing Young Children with New Eyes” with Sydney Clemens.