Documentation is about meaning as a give-and-take process, creating meanings using documentation of children’s and teachers’ actions, interactions and/or activities, environments, and materials. Work with documentation is always normative, since the aim is to use it as a form of assessment.

Dr. Karin Alnervik and Per Alnervik are pedagogistas and directors of Hallonett consortium of preschools in Jonskopping, Sweden, and are leaders with the Stockholm Reggio Institute. They have particular interest in pedagogical documentation as a tool for professional development, and will bring projects and documentation to share. The day will be full of inspiration and practical strategies: “Pedagogical Documentation and Project Work in HallonEtt’s Schools.”

They will be joined by Alejandra Sanchez and Claudia Ruitenberg, who will share their perspectives on educational interpretations of Swedish education for Canadian early years contexts: “Broadening Interpretations of Children – And Learning Something About Ourselves inthe Process.”

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Friday October 24, 2014
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Jewish Community Centre, Norman Rothstein Theatre

About Dr. Karin Alnervik

Karin recently completed doctoral work focusing on pedagogical documentation as a tool for transformation in early years education. She works as a pedagogista in a variety of contexts in Sweden. Karin also teaches early childhood education in the School of Education and Communication at Jonkoping University in the south of Sweden.

About Per Alnervik

Per has been the Directory of Hallonett Preschools since 2003. Hallonett is comprised of 3 schools with 38 teachers and 170 children, and 2 Altelieristas. Per is also actively engaged in offering professional development to pedagogistas all over Sweden.

About Alejandra Sanchez

Alejandra is an early childhood education instructor at Douglas College and a doctoral student at UBC. Her research is about interpretations of children's intelligence in early childhood education. She has studied Swedish educational practices and has facilitated the placement of 22 students in Swedish schools.

About Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg

Claudia is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies at UBC. She asks philosophical questions about concrete educational situations and phenomena, such as "what is the difference between studying something and learning it?" and "what assumptions do we bring to our encounters with each other?".