Our Journey

For the first time this past year, the Kindergarten teachers and Strong Start facilitator at Stride Avenue Community School in Burnaby worked together to actively build a connection between the teachers, children and families that attend these programs.  We wanted to build on the Reggio Emilia Approach of developing relationships and community.  We also encouraged the Great Outdoors to be the third teacher on our journey.

Initially, the teachers met to discuss the logistics of combining schedules and needs of the people involved with the programs.  We considered what equipment would be needed and started to acquire those items.  We started meeting outside together for one hour, one day per week, and we stuck to that commitment.  We learned that people need to be comfortable, not just physically, but with the idea of being outside, no matter the weather, before positive relationships can develop.  Attitudes and ideas can change with perseverance and ingenuity.  Approaching new ideas means keeping an open mind and allowing time for others to do so as well.  We learned that the journey takes us on paths we don’t always anticipate, but that is what learning is all about!  This is what we will take with us as we “keep plugging along”.

Thank you so much for the contributions made to our programs by the Vancouver Reggio Consortium!  The materials and equipment we acquired while on our journey were very helpful assistants to all of the teachers involved (even the Great Outdoors!!).  We look forward to going into more detail about our journey and learn from other’s adventures as well!


Jenny Lee

Stride Avenue Community School

Mairi Spence

Stride Avenue Community School

Caroline Thomas

Stride Avenue Community School