Our Journey

How did this project idea come about?

We wanted to offer our children a new material which they haven’t explore yet before in our center. Therefore, we came up with idea of clay .Clay is an open-ended material and it could be fun for them to explore. Beginning with a simple question “How do the children explore clay?”

What was the significant learning for you andor your group in relation to the Reggio Emilia Approach?

During the project, we often stuck with the ideas so we changed settings and we provoked, and reflected over and over. We often documented their words and actions. Throughout this project we shared ideas with children and we all inspired by their great imagination and creativity. This project provided the teachers and children to grow and learn together.

How do you think this experience will impact your practice going forwards?

We recognized the importance of using; close observation, documentation and expanding ideas. We will keep this activity as an ongoing learning process for both teachers and children.



Kiwassa Variety Club Daycare


Kiwassa Variety Club Daycare


Kiwassa Variety Club Daycare


Kiwassa Variety Club Daycare


Kiwassa Variety Club Daycare


Kiwassa Variety Club Daycare