Professional development often sidesteps pedagogical practice and emphasizes strategies and techniques for planning curriculum and learning activities, managing behaviour, and aligning routines. This shortchanges educators’ right to be supported as thinkers, as researchers, as co-constructors of knowledge, as participants in a culture of inquiry.

When we shift our orientation, though, and make inquiry rather than instruction our priority, we begin to live into new possibilities for educational leadership. We become more attentive to creating possibilities than to pursuing predefined goals, focusing on what Peter Moss calls “the organization of opportunities rather than the anxiety of pursuing outcomes”.

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Thursday June 2, 2016
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Jewish Community Centre, Wosk Auditorium

About Ann Pelo

Ann is a teacher educator, program consultant, and author whose primary work focuses on pedagogical practice, social justice and ecological teaching and learning, and the art of mentoring. Her work is anchored by a commitment to the right of educators to be intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually engaged by their work. Ann’s offerings to educators are organized around invitations for engagement and reflection, inwardness and collaboration.

Ann is the author of five books, most recently The Goodness of Rain: Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children (2013). She’s deep into work on her next book, with a focus on pedagogical leadership.