Story Workshop in the Grade 1 Classroom

Gordon Elementary, Vancouver

Creating / Loose Parts

”I like doing lots of things like making cool stories and getting to write and draw, it’s fun”–Taylor
“I like to build stories with my hands” – Luke
“It’s fun to make stories with friends, they help make my story better” – Maeve
“because you already have a picture it helps you write.” – Ryan
“Well you make stories with different materials, it helps you to write stories because it gives your brain ideas.” – William


The First Day the Dinosaurs and the Bunnies Raced
By Margo

One beautiful sunny morning the dinosaurs wanted to race with the bunnies. So they decided to race in the forest. “One…two…three GO!” said the dinosaur and they went. But when they raced the smallest dinosaur got lost and they went to look for him, and the biggest dinosaur found the smallest dinosaur. But the  Dinosaur was stuck. So they dinosaurs had a good idea, they went to get scissors but the scissors didn’t work. All the dinosaurs pulled and pulled and finally got the dinosaur out. The dinosaur was really happy and they invited their friends.


The Garden
By Kate

Once there was a garden. One night in the garden there was 1 chicken, 1 cat, 1 snake, 1 frog, 1 lady bug, 1 dragon fly. The cat stole the chickens egg and chicken stole it back.