Investigate Border Crossings

School Districts 38 (Richmond), 39 (Vancouver) & 41 (Burnaby)


Border Crossings

Inspired by the Border Crossings exhibit at the Loris Malaguzzi Centre in Reggio Emilia, Italy, groups of elementary teachers from the Burnaby, Richmond and Vancouver school districts began an inquiry looking at the intersection between digital and analog worlds. This interdisciplinary project examines how teachers and students use digital microscopes to look closely at the world around them and create digital landscapes with the goal of students creating meaning of new media and technologies through making connections to the natural world.

Some of the questions explored during the project:

What does the intersection of encounters with living things and digital technology reveal?

What connections are made as we cross borders between science, mathematics, language, social studies and applied design and technology?

How might the big ideas of story, place and identity be considered by working with natural materials in new innovative ways?

How does creating new digital landscapes support connections to community, culture and place?

How might this project encourage a digital poetic – a way to make meaning, create metaphors and imaginings, and communicate and exchange knowledge, ideas and stories?

Janice Novakowski