Our Journey

Last year, the Art and Discovery Studio located at Florence Nightingale Elementary School worked closely with four classroom teachers and an Artist in Residence. This year we have created an environment where all children (11 divisions from Kindergarten to grade 7) are engaged in authentic art making under the guidance of Maggie, our Artist in Residence, while collaborating with classroom teachers. We see this as very similar to the role of the “atelierista” working within an “atelier” in close collaboration with teachers and children.

Our learning continues to change and evolve as we observe, dialogue and build relationships with our young artists and fellow educators. Throughout the year, our big idea question has been: How do we make children’s work visible to others by celebrating and sharing the importance of the art making process?

The essence of our learning is how authentic art making continues to impact the entire Nightingale school community (children, families, teachers, and administrators) and honours the many values of the Reggio Emilia Approach.


Colleen Miezaniec

Florence Nightingale Elementary

Maggie Milne Martens

Artist in Residence

Jennifer Polsky

Florence Nightingale Elementary

Teachers, Staff, and Principal

Florence Nightingale Elementary