Our Journey

Over the course of this year, members of our group attended Carol Anne Wien’s workshop on Salt Spring, a Reggio Math workshop, a Deb Curtis and Margie Carter workshop at SFU, an Opal School study tour and a choice of two book club dinner meetings. Funds from this grant purchased a variety of Reggio inspired professional books for this group to read and share.

Our main inquiry looks at how the principles of Reggio Emilia are able to influence our learning environments, enhance our play-based and nature-based focus, and inspire our educators to include documentation as part of their practice. Our significant learning was the inclusion of more natural materials in our environments in creative ways. In the area of documentation, many of us came away with more information about the many different ways to document and how the teacher’s voice can be included.

The experience of coming together in a comfortable, supportive way can impact our educators practice in the following ways: a continued study of the books we purchased, knowing who has read which books and being able to ask their opinions, including documentation as part of our communicating student learning practice, and the joy of being a designer of inviting learning environments and a ‘teacher researcher’.


Kathryn Akehurst

School District 64, Gulf Islands, BC

Janet Hoagand

School District 64, Gulf Islands, BC