Study Group Participants Survey

    Dear applicant,

    We are gathering information in order to best facilitate planning for the Canadian Study Tour to Reggio Emilia taking place in March 15-20, 20. These questions are intended to help us plan for and organize this experience. Any information collected is for our purposes only to support this planning, and will not be shared outside of this study group. We may, however, wish to share some information within the group, for example, to help local groups find and connect with one another. If you prefer to keep personal information private, please indicate so below.

    Personal Information

    May we share your name and contact information with other members of this Reggio Study Tour?



    Have you booked your accommodations in Reggio Emilia yet?

    Are you interested in having a room-mate during your stay in Reggio Emilia?

    Would you be interested in information about pre-arranged travel from the airport in Bologna to your accommodations in Reggio Emilia?


    Would you be interested in participating in any cultural activities (at an additional charge, to be determined). Some examples: tour to a Parmesan cheese production site, Balsamic vinegar production site.

    Would you be interested in visiting Remida, if this can be arranged?

    Remida is a place that promotes the idea that waste materials can be resources. The Centre collects, displays, and distributes alternative and reclaimed materials obtained from the unsold stock and scrap materials of industrial production, with the aim to reinvent their use and meaning. (More information here)